Independent Insurance Agents: Ways to Stay in Touch With Clients

Connecting with clients is key for independent insurance agents. Fortunately, these tools can help! In our digital age, what sets independent insurance agents apart from the major carriers and their online presence? Relationships. The primary reason someone would choose to go to you for coverage – rather than choosing the theoretically more convenient online route Read More

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Guidelines for Temporary Staffing Agencies

Here are the most important workers’ compensation insurance guidelines for temporary staffing agencies.   Nearly every business needs to carry workers’ compensation coverage, but the amount needed varies from business to business. While this kind of change is standard, you see significantly more when it comes to temporary staffing agencies. That’s because the number of Read More

Why You Should Support Your Return-to-Work Program with an Occupational Medical Clinic

An occupational medical clinic will make your return-to-work program run more smoothly. Here’s how. If your business has a return-to-work program in place (and it should), it’s important that you choose an occupational medical clinic. Before we get into the reason, let’s define our terms. A return-to-work program allows injured employees to ease back into Read More

Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Temporary Staffing Agencies is Possible!

We’re dedicated to providing the right workers’ compensation insurance for temporary staffing agencies. Here’s how we do it! Workers’ compensation insurance for staffing agencies is always a challenge, but the problems are only compounded when your client’s agency offers temporary staffing solutions. As an independent insurance agency, you know that even traditional workers’ compensation can Read More

Are Stand Up Desks Worth the Investment?

Stand up desks are valuable – but are they worth the cost? In March, we talked about the value of stand up desks. There’s been a lot of hype around higher desk surfaces as more and more evidence about the health hazards of sitting has come out. Sitting is linked to diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer Read More

Top OSHA Violations Could Impact the Cost of Small Business Insurance in MA

Avoiding these top OSHA violations can help your clients avoid incident and cut the cost of small business insurance.   Although OSHA compliance isn’t the most fun topic, it’s an extremely important, worthwhile one to consider. Not only will an OSHA citation leave your client’s business shelling out for fines, it could actually impact their Read More