Wrap-Up Insurance for Your Clients

Bundle the best that workers’ compensation in MA has to offer for your clients under one policy. Wrap-up insurance–as the name implies–wraps workers’ compensation in MA, general liability, and umbrella liability coverage into one perfectly wrapped up policy. One of the many benefits that a wrap-up policy is that it covers all parties involved in Read More

How to Control Losses for Your Company

Apart from small business insurance in MA, how else can your clients control losses for your company?  When your clients are in a competitive market, they already face enough challenge trying to be unique and improve profits. Preventable loss doesn’t have to be one of those challenges. All businesses, no matter their size, are susceptible to Read More

Directors and Officers Liability Insurance: Why Nonprofits Need It

Nonprofits are often extremely limited on resources, but that doesn’t mean they should skip out on the necessary directors and officers liability insurance. Does a nonprofit organization need directors and officers (D&O) liability insurance? The short answer has to be “yes.” D&O insurance covers the organization and its directors, officers, and trustees against alleged or Read More

Building a Superb Cleaning Services Contract

If your cleaning service clients often have trouble agreeing with customers, getting a cleaning services contract will be a great help. If your clients are just starting a cleaning service company, or they have been serving clients for years, they can benefit by adding some simple contracts–if they aren’t already using them. This is because Read More

5 Insurance Policies All Small Business Owners Should Have

Just because a business might be small doesn’t mean it’s immune to massive lawsuits; protect your business with small business insurance in MA. Small businesses are often limited on resources and usually can’t handle the financial nightmare of a big lawsuit or natural disaster. To be covered against these kinds of risks, they need the Read More