Most Common Workers’ Compensation Insurance Errors

Workers’ compensation insurance is a process that must be done correctly in order for it to benefit the employee without swindling the employer. Companies that have extraordinary workers’ compensation costs are doing several things incorrectly, but the most common error is not properly managing their programs. Far too many companies sit back and falsely assume Read More

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Trends to Look Out for in 2017

Workers’ compensation insurance protects businesses if their employees become ill or injured while on the job. Workers’ compensation continues to be a major concern for employers and while some industries have more claims than others, every business–no matter its focus–has certain risks and all have concerns about the associated costs. For you, the challenge may Read More

The Teamwork Quandary: Motivating Your Employees to Work Towards Agency Profits

The new year is here and now is a great time to motivate your employees to work toward agency profits. The final page of 2016 had been turned, and we are now on the first page of a brand new chapter. A chapter titled 2017 has the potential to be the best year to date. Read More

How to Raise Your Agency Rating

Does your agency have less-than-favorable reviews? Here are a few tips on how you can raise your agency rating. How do you review and ultimately decide on the products you consider buying? Do you ask a family member or friend, or do you read reviews on Yelp or Amazon? A study performed by BrightLocal concluded Read More

What to Know About White Collar Crime

White collar crime is rampant, but hardly gets punished or even noticed. It can cost your insurance agency hundreds of thousands each year. You may trust your insurance agency staff because they have always been loyal to you and your company. And the reality is that a majority of your employees are loyal and trustworthy, Read More

How to Retain Your Insurance Agency Staff

Your insurance agency should have an employee retention strategy in place for the New Year. Your employees are the gears to your business, they work and use effort to keep your business going. But if you do not have an employee retention strategy to keep your hard working employees, you could lose them if they Read More