What You Need to Know About Workers’ Compensation: Contractors Edition

Construction and contracting professionals know about all the risks they face as a part of the industry, and the topic workers’ compensation is often brought up–what should contractors know regarding workers’ comp? In the industry of construction and contracting, professionals know that danger can come from anywhere. Even the best-prepared construction worker can fall victim Read More

We Are Happy To Announce Staff Pro3: Workers Comp For The Staffing Industry

PMC Insurance Group is excited to announce the launch of StaffPro3, a new division comprised of industry experts specializing in solutions for the staffing industry. The team works to provide creative placements for workers’ compensation insurance coverage and risk management solutions to agents with clients in the Staffing Industry.   The StaffPro3 division is led by Read More

Kimberly Graham From Meridian Insurance Services – Success Story

Our New Mexico agent, Meridian Insurance Services, Kimberly Graham, reached out to us in October 2016 with a request to assist on her account, also in New Mexico.Their business is aerial crop dusting as well as land crop dusting with Tractors.  Prior to them coming to us, agricultural businesses in New Mexico were not required Read More

What Is Excess Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Excess workers’ compensation can be a useful policy to purchase when regular workers’ compensation is not enough to cover businesses.  A small business may have workers’ compensation, which covers many employee workplace accidents. But a small business’ risk manager may still worry about a serious workers’ compensation claim wherein the claim settlement amount could put the Read More

Heads Up #1

Heads Up – The California Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rating Bureau recently issued a bulletin reminding everyone of the requirement that carriers report the cost of all claims for which medical care is provided and medical costs are incurred, including those involving first aid treatment and even if the insurer did not make the payment. This means that Read More

How to Recognize the Dangers Around an Office

Health hazards have the potential to loom around any and all corners–is there a way business owners can identify dangers before they strike? It’s easy to see how a workplace with heavy machinery and chemicals can be dangerous for employees, especially when those employees are required to engage in tough manual labor. So, in an office Read More

Dangers of Winter Snow and Ice: Slipping and Falling

Winter creates a rather dangerous environment for people, which is why everyone should know about the dangers of winter snow and ice.  Let’s go back in time. 200,000 years ago, to be exact, to a little corner in east Africa where modern humans are thought to have originated. Human beings adapted for a warm climate Read More

How to Make a Workplace Comfortable for Employees

The workplace is a zone in which you hope to increase productivity and earnings, but that mostly depends on how business owners treat their employees–so how can business owners make their workplace more comfortable for employees? The main target for any business is to be as profitable as possible and to ensure its success. A large part Read More