What is the Size Limit for Workers’ Compensation?

Worker’s compensation insurance can cover the medical injuries of a work-related injury, but is there a size limit for this policy? Workers’ compensation is a policy that covers the business of your clients should one of their employees get injured or sick while on the job. Without it, they are subject to a lawsuit that Read More

What to Do When Workers’ Compensation Is Not Enough!

When workers’ compensation is not enough, what are employees to do? Where can they find other sources of money? Injuries are common occurrences across the nation, and your client’s business may be next. While all employees face a certain degree of danger, the individuals who are statistically higher to get into accidents are people like Read More

Ergonomics for a Comfortable Work Station & Office Chair

A desk job may not sound like the most dangerous job in the world, but day after day, hour after hour of sitting in the same position can actually be a health hazard for employees.  Many employers believe that a desk job can pose little threat to their employees. After all, the heaviest equipment they Read More

Natural Disasters Don’t Have to Lead to Business Interruption

Natural disasters can be devastating for any and all businesses, no matter their size, but how can small businesses prepare for such a calamity without experiencing business interruption? Natural disasters can take many forms, but almost all of them can devastate your business, which leads to business interruption. Business interruption is when an event occurs Read More

Can Points and Prizes Improve Agency Performance?

The gamification movement within the insurance industry is showing to be a powerful way for insurers to get used to a customer-centric business model.  Many people may believe that games have no place in the office, but the gamification of the workplace has some benefits for the insurance industry. Leaderboards, points, and prizes tap into the Read More

How to Deal with Office Bullies

Some people never grow out of their bully phase from high school and continue to spread terror as a way to mask their insecurities. How can offices deal with office bullies? Bullies, no matter their age, tend to make work life tough (and rather annoying) for those they terrorize. When the bullying comes from a Read More