How Your Clients Can Create Mindfulness for Their Company

When people are mindful, they are better able to work together towards a collaborative objective. To be mindful means to have an intentional connectedness with people. This mindfulness, when applied at work, can create an environment that supports human potential and cohesive community of people that consciously work together. Those individuals who are mindful are Read More

Disability Accommodation: FAQ & A

Disability accommodation is there to provide an arrangement to make life more comfortable for those who need this service.  What is “public disability accommodation”? This policy gives assistance to a person with a disability to have equal opportunity to access and participate in the Division of Workers’ Compensation (DWC) programs and to use all DWC services. Read More

Summer Safety Tips for the Outdoor Workplace

Working outside during the summer can sound great, but once you are under the hot sun, it can quickly turn into a real health hazard.  Being out in the sun is what many people wish they could do instead of being cramped in an office, but those who work outdoors know that working outside is Read More

Common Construction Injuries & How to Avoid Them

In order to best reduce the risk of construction injury, one must first identify the most common injuries and then take action to best avoid those injuries.  The field of construction often carries with it a significant risk of injury for construction workers. According to the CDC, there were 3.3 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses Read More

Return-to-Work Supplement Program

For employees to get the right amount of compensation when they get injured, every employer needs to know about the Return-to-Work Supplement Program.  Senate Bill 863 has in it a component that is called the Return-to-Work Supplement Program. Labor Code section 139.48 requires the Director to administer $120 million towards a fund for the purpose of Read More

Recent Success # 2

Recently, we received a submission for a roofer. There was a tight deadline attached to the account, and so we were unable to go to one of our regular carriers who normally handles our roofing accounts. The insured needed a Pay-as-You-Go payment plan as well, which slightly complicated matters. We were able to reach out Read More

Heads Up #2

A South Dakota firm is being put under the microscope after they allegedly ignored OSHA regulations, an oversight that resulted in a building collapse and the death of an employee. Hultgren Construction was renovating the former Copper lounge building on Dec. 2nd when it collapsed, killing a construction worker and trapping one of the residents Read More

Reduce Time Lost in Insurance Claims

If you want to reduce lost time when your workers file insurance claims, the best strategy is to be a kind and understanding boss. Business owners want their workers to work, that activity for which they exchange payment. But when an employee gets injured and they file a workers’ compensation claim, it means they will Read More