Workplace Injury Costs: Why You Need Workers Compensation Insurance

Find out which expenses workers compensation insurance covers in the case of a workplace injury.  Unfortunately, workplace injuries are an unavoidable reality for every industry.  An on-the-job injury can happen anywhere at any time.  In almost every state, worker’s compensation is required by law.  That’s why it is important for businesses to make sure they Read More

Get Healthy: Say Goodbye to These Unhealthy Foods

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Easy Time Management Hacks

Follow these easy tips to maximize your time! Sometimes 24-hours doesn’t seem like enough time to handle everything that’s on your plate.  Between work, family, personal relationships, and other responsibilities, it can feel like you’ll never get anything done.  Nevertheless, try not to stress and follow these time management strategies to make the most of Read More

Types of Small Business Insurance You Never Knew Existed

Get covered with these small business insurance policies you didn’t know you needed. Most business owners have the standard liability, worker’s compensation, and commercial property insurance policies.  However, simply relying on these policies may mean that there are gaps in your coverage.  Learn about 4 little-known types of small business insurance and consider whether they’d Read More

Things That Cost Your Small Business Big

Small incidents can cost your business.  Having the right small business insurance can keep you protected. Running a small business can be a stressful job.  There’s an overwhelming amount to keep track of, and things can fall through the cracks from time to time.  While some issues may not seem important in that moment, they can Read More

Does Your Business Offer Benefits to Suit Millennials?

Find out how your business can offer benefits to attract millennials. With many baby boomers at retirement age, it is important for businesses to appeal to  younger workers.  However, the same benefits package that worked for older employees may not be as appealing to millennials.  Read on and consider offering these benefits to attract millennials. Read More