How Your Business Can Prevent Workers Comp Audits and Mistakes

Suggestions to avoid major workers compensation mistakes. As a business owner, periodic audits of your workers compensation insurance are to be expected.  However, many business owners are surprised when their audits uncover inconsistencies that raise their rates considerably.  Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to avoid major workers compensation mistakes that lead to Read More

Why Prompt Claims Reporting Can Minimize Workers Compensation Costs

Learn how immediate claims reporting will help you save on workers compensation insurance. If an employee gets sick or is injured on the job, then you know that you must file a claim with your workers compensation insurance.  However, did you know that the turnaround time between an employee accident and the filing of your Read More

3 Suggestions to Help You Reduce Workplace Safety Risks

Learn how you can make your workplace safer. Workplace injuries and illnesses can take a toll on your business.  Not only will these issues affect your productivity, but they will also lead to increased workers compensation insurance costs.  This is why it’s so important for business owners to take steps to improve the safety of Read More

Know These Important Workers Compensation Acronyms

Here are the definitions of some of the most common workers comp insurance acronyms. Every industry has its own language, and the world of workers compensation insurance is no exception.  Unfortunately, business owners who have limited knowledge about commercial insurance are often tripped up by unfamiliar insurance jargon and abbreviations.  To help you make sense Read More

How You Can Avoid Surprise Workers Comp Insurance Premium Increases

Report these changes to ensure that you are not hit with unexpected workers comp rate increases. At the end of your workers compensation insurance policy term, your insurance provider will conduct a final premium audit.  During this audit, your insurer will review the policy’s named insureds, payroll information, job classifications, and so on.  At the Read More

Who is Held Liable When an In-Home Caregiver Sustains Injury?

Who will compensate an in-home caregiver if they are injured? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those in the healthcare industry face considerable risk for workplace injury.  The risk for injury makes sense as healthcare professionals, such as nurses and in-home caregivers, are tasked with repetitive physical activity and are regularly exposed to illness, Read More