How Data Breaches Impact the Healthcare Industry as a Whole

An overview of how data breaches are taking a toll on the healthcare industry. As with all other industries, the modern technological revolution has completely transformed the healthcare industry as we know it.  The development and use of new technology have helped to improve clinical outcomes as well as the development of treatments and the Read More

Lagging Regulations in the Home Healthcare Industry

Home healthcare is a growing industry, but regulations aren’t keeping pace. As America’s population continues to age at an increasing rate, there has been major growth in the home healthcare industry.  Unfortunately, regulation of home healthcare services has lagged behind, leaving patients and caregivers alike vulnerable to a variety of risks.  Here’s what you need Read More

The Answers to Common Workers Compensation Insurance Questions

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked workers compensation questions. As an employer, you know that you are legally required to carry workers compensation insurance to care for your staff in the event of a workplace injury or illness.  However, this may be the extent of your insurance knowledge.  Interested in Read More

Tips for Establishing a Risk Management Program for Your Assisted Living Facility

Education and training suggestions to manage risks at your assisted living facility. Because assisted living facilities are charged with providing long-term care for residents, they are subject to unique liability exposures and other risks.  Fortunately, you can address many risks through proper employee education and training.  Try out these education and training suggestions to manage Read More

Watch Out for These Common Healthcare Injuries and Accidents

The most common healthcare employee injuries and accidents. Due to the fast-paced and unpredictable nature of their jobs, healthcare workers are subject to a considerable amount of risk.  In fact, hospitals and other healthcare facilities are some of the most dangerous places to work.  While having the right workers compensation insurance for healthcare can help Read More

Suggestions to Help Healthcare Facilities Promote Workplace Wellness

How you can promote employee wellness and reduce the risk for burnout and claims. Healthcare facilities are charged with offering the physical, mental, and emotional care that their patients need.  This responsibility often puts workers under extreme stress and accelerates feeling of employee burnout.  Unfortunately, heavy workloads and ever-increasing expectations only contribute to feelings of Read More