How Return-to-Work Programs Can Improve Your Workers Comp Premiums

How establishing a return-to-work program will reduce your workers comp costs. While many business owners may be wary about instituting a return-to-work program, they do have the potential to lower workers compensation insurance costs when properly implemented and managed.  To be truly effective, a return-to-work program needs to be part of a business’s larger loss Read More

How to Tell If Your Insurance Agent is a Healthcare Expert

Signs that your insurance agent is an expert in healthcare. If you are attempting to secure insurance for your healthcare business, then you know just how complicated the process can be.  This is why you need a good agent to walk you through the process.  However, some insurance agents are not well-versed in the insurance Read More

Suggestions to Help You Handle Angry Workers Comp Claimants

Tips to manage angry claimants. If you work in the workers compensation insurance industry, then dealing with angry claimants is an unfortunate part of your job.  While getting yelled at and treated rudely is no one’s idea of a good time, it’s important that you remain in control and attempt to diffuse the tense situation.  Read More

Benefits of a Client Service Model on the Home Healthcare Industry

Why home healthcare companies thrive under a client service business model. While all businesses face challenges when it comes to customer service, it’s infinitely more difficult for companies that work in home healthcare.  In home healthcare, the patient undeniably always comes first; however, this does not always mean that they are right.  Additionally, those in Read More

Tips to Start Your Workers Comp Claim Investigation Smoothly

Get your workers compensation claim investigation off to a strong start. The main goal of a workers compensation insurance claim investigation is to help an injured employee get the coverage they need to recover and return to the workplace.  However, this is easier said than done.  Oftentimes, it’s difficult to determine exactly what happened and, Read More

Home Healthcare and the Challenge of Medication Administration

  Learn about the challenges that home healthcare aides face when it comes to drug administration. In the United States, the home healthcare industry has seen tremendous growth in the past decade.  Naturally, this rapid growth is accompanied by many serious challenges.  For instance, as more patients seek home healthcare services, medication management has become Read More