The Lack of Regulations in a Growing Home Healthcare Industry

Learn about how home healthcare growth is outpacing the expansion of regulations. In recent years, the home healthcare industry has increased in popularity.  As America’s population continues to age, this trend is expected to continue.  Unfortunately, regulations that govern the operations and safety of home healthcare services have not kept pace with the industry’s growth, Read More

Understanding the Advantages of Establishing a Risk Retention Group for Your Business

Why a risk retention group could benefit your business. Business owners have many options when it comes to protecting against liability risks.  Relatively recently, Congress passed legislation that allowed for the creation of a new insurance category known as risk retention groups.  Curious to learn more about this coverage option?  Here’s how a risk retention Read More

Issues that Small Businesses Face with Workers Compensation Insurance

Here are some of the common problems that small businesses face when it comes to their workers compensation insurance. Running a small business opens you up to a considerable number of difficulties.  Many of the challenges that you face are related to your workers compensation insurance.  Here are some of the workers comp issues that Read More

Things to Know About Purchasing Workers Compensation Insurance

When should you purchase workers compensation insurance? If you run a business, then one of the essential forms of commercial coverage that you need is workers compensation insurance.  But many business owners do not know much about this type of insurance.  Here’s what you need to know about securing workers compensation coverage. Know State Insurance Read More

Observing Senior Eye Health Month

How to take care of yourself this Senior Eye Health Month. August is Senior Eye Health Month.  Naturally, this month is dedicated to encouraging those over the age of 60 to start taking their eye health seriously.  While many of us who wear glasses and contacts are already in the habit of scheduling regular eye Read More

Protecting Home Healthcare Providers

Consider these safety suggestions for home healthcare workers. In recent years, the home healthcare industry has grown at an unprecedented rate.  Unfortunately, this growth also magnifies the risks associated with working in the home healthcare industry.  While having the right workers compensation insurance for home healthcare is one way to protect providers, there are other Read More