Watch Out—Rates of Fraud are Rising in the Home Healthcare System

Learning about fraud in the home healthcare industry. In the United States, the home health industry is growing at a rapid rate.  However, this tremendous growth comes with an increased potential for abuse, and industry watchdogs have reported a steep incline in claims fraud.  To protect themselves and their patients, home health companies need to Read More

Tips to Maximize Employee Cooperation and Efficiency

How to encourage better work habits in your staff. As a business owner, you want operations to be as efficient as possible.  If you have noticed a dip in your productivity, then the problem may lie with your employees.  Fortunately, there are many ways to encourage better work habits in your staff.  Here are some Read More

How Field Nurse Case Managers Can Manage Workers Compensation Costs

Leveraging field nurse case managers to control your workers comp costs. As an employer, you are looking for the best ways to minimize your workers compensation insurance costs.  One creative way to keep costs down is by leveraging the expertise of a field nurse case manager.  But what is a field nurse case manager, and Read More

How Employee Background Checks Can Protect Nursing Homes

Why nursing homes need to employ stricter hiring protocols. Good business owners know that their employees are their biggest assets.  This is especially true for businesses in the healthcare industry.  This is because employees, such as those working for nursing homes, are responsible for important tasks such as administering treatment to patients, handling expensive equipment, Read More

Watch Out for These Early Signs of an Expensive Workers Comp Claim

How you can screen for costly workers compensation insurance claims. According to workers compensation experts, approximately 5% of claims account for 80% of workers compensation insurance costs.  This means that about one out of fourteen claims will be major ones that end up costing you dearly.  Oftentimes, employers are not able to tell which claims Read More

Is Your Return-to-Work Program Well-Understood?

Poor communication can affect a worker’s recovery and increase your insurance rates. If an employee gets injured while on the job, then you will have to file a workers compensation insurance claim.  Typically, the medical side of things is fairly straight-forward.  Based on the physician’s or surgeon’s report, the claims adjuster can evaluate the employee’s Read More