Tips for Overcoming Seasonal Affective Disorder This Winter

How you can alleviate SAD symptoms. During the winter months, the lack of sunlight can cause many people to develop seasonal affective disorder or SAD.  SAD is a form of depression triggered by a lack of sunlight.  Because the days are shorter and gloomier during the winter months, many people develop SAD, making them feel Read More

Maximizing the Returns You Get From Your Workers Comp Insurance

How you can get the most out of your workers compensation insurance program. Currently, almost every state in the U.S. requires businesses to carry some minimum level of workers compensation insurance.  While this mandatory coverage may seem like a drain on your business’s resources, having this coverage benefits you in several ways.  If you want Read More

The Positive Impact that Wellness Programs Can Have on Assisted Living Facilities

Why you should implement a wellness program at your assisted living facility. If you run an assisted living facility, you are probably looking for ways to improve the lives of both your residents and your staff members.  One great way to accomplish this goal is by implementing wellness programs that residents and employees can all Read More

Common Issues with Workers Compensation Claim Reporting

Keep insurance costs down by avoiding these claim reporting issues. When employers have to file a workers compensation insurance claim, they can run into several issues.  Unfortunately, while these missteps may seem minor at first, they can result in significant insurance rate increases.  To keep the cost of your workers compensation insurance down, make sure Read More

Get a Healthy Start to the Year with This Recipe

This hearty and surprisingly low-calorie caprese pork is the perfect way to eat healthier this new year. If you are like many other Americans, then you have set a resolution to eat healthier this new year.  However, with temperatures still cold and the weather still gloomy, the last thing you want to chow down on Read More

What You Should Do If OSHA Comes for an Inspection

How you can prepare for an OSHA inspection. If you have recently filed a workers compensation insurance claim, then it’s possible that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) may come to inspect your workplace.  But why is your business being investigated, and how can you handle a visit from OHSA?  Here’s what you need to Read More