Ways to Bridge the Care Coverage Gap During the COVID- 19 Pandemic

The novel coronavirus has spread all across the world like a deadly plague. At this time, the people living under assisted living facilities (ALF), in nursing homes, and other long-term care services are at risk of developing virus complications and require better care coverage. Causes of Care Coverage Gap During COVID- 19  The pandemic has caused an Read More

4 Simple Reminders for a Better Work-Life Balance

Home is usually a place of rejuvenation and enjoyment especially for people who are used to working in a traditional workplace outside of home. With the coronavirus’s impact on our work environment, homes are no longer a place of just relaxation, but a place where you work. In the process, it becomes increasingly difficult to maintain a Read More

How to Minimize Workers’ Compensation Costs for the Staffing Industry

Second to payroll, workers’ compensation costs are the most significant expense fortemporary staffing companies. The continually changing number of employees means it’s important to maintain proper payroll and revisit it regularly to avoid payment miscalculations. Understanding job specifications is critical as inaccurate classification codes can lead to either overpayment, thus restricting cash flow or underpayment which often Read More

Impact of Longer Workdays on Truckers and the Industry

Truckers are the lifeline of the e-commerce industry. The trucking industry accounts for 6% of all full-time jobs and is valued at $700 billion. A recent ruling by the U.S. Transportation Department providing short-haul truckers longer workdays could be a game-changer for the e-commerce industry. How Will Truckers Be Affected? Longer Days Short-haul truckers are allowed to work Read More

Running a Business and Managing Workers’ Comp Claims During COVID- 19?

Most of the world was not prepared for the outbreak of coronavirus which put many companies out of business and affected the lives of workers everywhere. Businesses that are able to keep their operations running while practicing safe measures may want to consider a few more things. What Should You Know as an Employer?  With an Read More

How Fit-For-Duty Exams’ Impact on Workers’ Comp

Construction, carpentry, industrial work – what do these fields have in common? They require physical labor from trained workers. Not only that, but these sectors are also the most accident-prone. Fit-for-duty exams are routine in such industries – or they should be. These exams assess the employee’s physical and mental capability to determine if he/she can safely perform Read More