How to Decrease Stress in Healthcare Workers During COVID-19

The corona virus disease outbreak has impacted almost every group of people in every nation across the globe, causing a significant amount of anxiety. To a larger or lesser extent, the changes to our daily routines and lifestyles have impacted our well being. Certain factors put some groups at an increased risk of experiencing high-level Read More

Improving Staff Retention in Nursing Homes

The healthcare sector is certainly amidst the most difficult times due to the pandemic. Staff retention is one of the most common problems faced by healthcare facilities. It is further magnified with some factors prevalent throughout the healthcare industry. Below are some of the common issues impacting employee retention in today’s environment: Understaffing which leads Read More

Understanding Workers Compensation Insurance for Home Healthcare

Why the home healthcare industry needs the right workers’ compensation solutions. In the last few years, the home healthcare industry has exploded.  Unfortunately, rapid growth comes with serious downsides.  One major issue that the home healthcare industry is dealing with is high rates of work-related injuries and illness.  This is why agencies need to protect Read More

Dispelling These Home Care Myths

Don’t buy into home care misconceptions. While many people can benefit from home care, many do not use this service because they buy into common myths.  However, believing these inaccuracies can negatively affect the quality of life of yourself or someone that you love.  To make informed healthcare decisions, here’s the truth behind these common Read More

Tips for Caring for Dementia Patients During the Holidays

How caregivers can take care of loved ones with Alzheimer’s or dementia this holiday season. As the holidays approach, you may be planning to host family and friends.  However, if you are currently caring for a loved one with Alzheimer’s or dementia at home, then it’s important to understand that holiday preparations have the potential Read More

Watch Out—Rates of Fraud are Rising in the Home Healthcare System

Learning about fraud in the home healthcare industry. In the United States, the home health industry is growing at a rapid rate.  However, this tremendous growth comes with an increased potential for abuse, and industry watchdogs have reported a steep incline in claims fraud.  To protect themselves and their patients, home health companies need to Read More

How Employee Background Checks Can Protect Nursing Homes

Why nursing homes need to employ stricter hiring protocols. Good business owners know that their employees are their biggest assets.  This is especially true for businesses in the healthcare industry.  This is because employees, such as those working for nursing homes, are responsible for important tasks such as administering treatment to patients, handling expensive equipment, Read More

Dispelling Common Myths About Home Healthcare

Don’t believe these common misconceptions about home healthcare. While many people can benefit from receiving home healthcare services, many refuse to consider this option because they buy into the myths surrounding the industry.  However, believing these non-truths could prevent you from receiving care that could change your life for the better.  To avoid making an Read More