PMC Risk Management Service Announcement

Work From Home Safety Tips   Now that most companies have established their virtual workforce, we thought that it would be a good time to remind you of some important Work from Home Safety Tips that you could use and share with your employees and clients to minimize the risk of at-home injuries.  Below is Read More

Using Self-Assessments to Prevent Office Worker Injuries

How you can prevent injuries in your office. When you think about workers compensation insurance claims, you probably think about high-risk industries such as construction, manufacturing, and so on.  However, it’s important to understand that all businesses face the risk of employee injuries.  For instance, office workers often report musculoskeletal pain and injuries—such as lower Read More

Understanding the Risk for Repetitive Stress Injuries at Your Healthcare Facility

How to prevent repetitive stress injuries among your healthcare staff. Healthcare workers experience extremely high rates of injury.  In fact, certain positions, such as nurses, actually have higher injury rates than high-risk industries such as commercial logging and mining.  For healthcare workers in assisted living facilities, repetitive stress injuries are the most common type of Read More

How Businesses Can Promote Incident and Near-Miss Reporting

Encourage your employees to report safety issues in the workplace. Part of maintaining a safe workplace is understanding the risks that your employees face.  However, even if you conduct regular workplace inspections and equipment checks, it can be difficult for employers to identify risks before they become full-blown issues.  This is why it’s so important Read More

The Positive Impact that Wellness Programs Can Have on Assisted Living Facilities

Why you should implement a wellness program at your assisted living facility. If you run an assisted living facility, you are probably looking for ways to improve the lives of both your residents and your staff members.  One great way to accomplish this goal is by implementing wellness programs that residents and employees can all Read More

What You Should Do If OSHA Comes for an Inspection

How you can prepare for an OSHA inspection. If you have recently filed a workers compensation insurance claim, then it’s possible that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) may come to inspect your workplace.  But why is your business being investigated, and how can you handle a visit from OHSA?  Here’s what you need to Read More

Tips to Maximize Employee Cooperation and Efficiency

How to encourage better work habits in your staff. As a business owner, you want operations to be as efficient as possible.  If you have noticed a dip in your productivity, then the problem may lie with your employees.  Fortunately, there are many ways to encourage better work habits in your staff.  Here are some Read More

Is Your Return-to-Work Program Well-Understood?

Poor communication can affect a worker’s recovery and increase your insurance rates. If an employee gets injured while on the job, then you will have to file a workers compensation insurance claim.  Typically, the medical side of things is fairly straight-forward.  Based on the physician’s or surgeon’s report, the claims adjuster can evaluate the employee’s Read More