Understanding the Risk for Repetitive Stress Injuries at Your Healthcare Facility

How to prevent repetitive stress injuries among your healthcare staff. Healthcare workers experience extremely high rates of injury.  In fact, certain positions, such as nurses, actually have higher injury rates than high-risk industries such as commercial logging and mining.  For healthcare workers in assisted living facilities, repetitive stress injuries are the most common type of Read More

How Businesses Can Promote Incident and Near-Miss Reporting

Encourage your employees to report safety issues in the workplace. Part of maintaining a safe workplace is understanding the risks that your employees face.  However, even if you conduct regular workplace inspections and equipment checks, it can be difficult for employers to identify risks before they become full-blown issues.  This is why it’s so important Read More

Risk Management Plans Help Nursing Homes Protect Employees and More

Factors to consider when creating a risk management plan for your nursing home. If you run a nursing home, you face a variety of  risks related to employee safety and the high costs associated with accidents.  A comprehensive risk management program for your facility not only protects your employees, it helps to reduce insurance claims Read More

Maximizing the Returns You Get From Your Workers Comp Insurance

How you can get the most out of your workers compensation insurance program. Currently, almost every state in the U.S. requires businesses to carry some minimum level of workers compensation insurance.  While this mandatory coverage may seem like a drain on your business’s resources, having this coverage benefits you in several ways.  If you want Read More

The Positive Impact that Wellness Programs Can Have on Assisted Living Facilities

Why you should implement a wellness program at your assisted living facility. If you run an assisted living facility, you are probably looking for ways to improve the lives of both your residents and your staff members.  One great way to accomplish this goal is by implementing wellness programs that residents and employees can all Read More

What You Should Do If OSHA Comes for an Inspection

How you can prepare for an OSHA inspection. If you have recently filed a workers compensation insurance claim, then it’s possible that OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) may come to inspect your workplace.  But why is your business being investigated, and how can you handle a visit from OHSA?  Here’s what you need to Read More

Watch Out—Rates of Fraud are Rising in the Home Healthcare System

Learning about fraud in the home healthcare industry. In the United States, the home health industry is growing at a rapid rate.  However, this tremendous growth comes with an increased potential for abuse, and industry watchdogs have reported a steep incline in claims fraud.  To protect themselves and their patients, home health companies need to Read More

How Employee Background Checks Can Protect Nursing Homes

Why nursing homes need to employ stricter hiring protocols. Good business owners know that their employees are their biggest assets.  This is especially true for businesses in the healthcare industry.  This is because employees, such as those working for nursing homes, are responsible for important tasks such as administering treatment to patients, handling expensive equipment, Read More