Effective Steps That Healthcare Agencies Can Take to Keep Their Employees Happy

Healthcare workers face many risks at work, including workplace injuries, hazardous exposure to synthetic compounds and dangerous drugs, back injuries, latex hypersensitivity, as well as stress. It is essential to prioritize workplace safety to protect your employees and financial assets. Here are some crucial steps that healthcare agencies should take to ensure employee safety: Hire Read More

Does Workers’ Compensation Cover Coronavirus Claims?

Can employees file workers’ compensation claims if they come down with coronavirus? With several U.S. states on lockdown due to the outbreak of COVID-19, or coronavirus, many employers are wondering if they are required to cover their employees if they develop the highly-contagious disease.  Here are some of the guidelines experts are referencing to determine Read More

Understanding USL&H Coverage

What is United States Longshore & Harbor (USL&H) workers’ compensation? While most businesses are familiar with standard workers’ compensation insurance, there are actually other, more specialized types of coverage that certain industries are required to carry.  For instance, businesses that operate near the water may need USL&H workers’ compensation insurance. What is USL&H Coverage? USL&H Read More

How Staffing Agencies Can Save on Workers’ Compensation Costs

Steps that staffing agencies can take to save on workers’ compensation coverage. Because temporary staffing agencies have such a unique employment model, they require specialized attention when it comes to their workers’ compensation insurance.  However, with ongoing maintenance of employee information and careful work placements, it’s possible to maximize the coverage offered by workers’ compensation Read More

Understanding Workers Compensation Insurance for Home Healthcare

Why the home healthcare industry needs the right workers’ compensation solutions. In the last few years, the home healthcare industry has exploded.  Unfortunately, rapid growth comes with serious downsides.  One major issue that the home healthcare industry is dealing with is high rates of work-related injuries and illness.  This is why agencies need to protect Read More

How Workers Compensation Insurance Protects Your Legacy

Having the right workers’ compensation insurance can help both employers and employees protect their legacies. While worker’s compensation insurance is designed to provide an injured employee financial protection while they recover, this coverage offers additional benefits as well.  For instance, workers’ compensation insurance can also protect the legacies of employers and their employees. Employers When Read More

How to Choose the Right Workers Compensation Insurance for Trucking Companies

The right workers’ compensation insurance can help transportation businesses save. When you think of a high-risk industry, most people immediately conjure thoughts of construction and heavy manufacturing.  This is why you may be surprised to learn that the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics actually found that the trucking industry experiences more on-the-job injuries and illness Read More

A Look into Workers’ Comp for Trucking Companies

Understanding the workers’ comp landscape for the trucking industry. With the demand for transportation services once again on the rise, the trucking industry is experiencing steady growth.  While this is a welcome change from the recession that hit the industry hard, expansion brings its own set of issues to contend with. According to the U.S. Read More