PMC Risk Management Service Announcement

Work From Home Safety Tips


Now that most companies have established their virtual workforce, we thought that it would be a good time to remind you of some important Work from Home Safety Tips that you could use and share with your employees and clients to minimize the risk of at-home injuries.  Below is a checklist to help ensure remote workers are taking the proper precautions related to their workspaces, proper ergonomics, and more.



☐ Are your workspace floors clear and free of hazards?

☐ Is your workspace relatively quiet and distraction-free?

☐ Are phone cords and other electrical cords secured under a desk or along a wall, and away from heat sources?

☐ Is your workspace temperature, ventilation and lighting adequate?



☐ Is all of your computer equipment connected to a surge protector?

☐ Is your electrical system adequate for office equipment?

☐ Are all electrical plugs, cords, outlets and panels in good condition, with no exposed or damaged wiring?

☐ Are electrical cords run in non-traffic areas, not under rugs, and not nailed or stapled in place?

☐ Are electrical outlets grounded with three-pronged plugs?



☐ Is your office furniture and equipment ergonomically correct?

☐ Is your desk 29 inches high (or appropriate height for your thighs/legs not to strike your workdesk)?

☐ Is your chair sturdy and adjustable, and do you know how to adjust it?

☐ Is your monitor 20-24 inches from your eyes, with the top of the screen slightly below eye level?

☐ Is your computer screen free from noticeable glare?

☐ Do you have adequate lighting at the workstation



☐ Is your back adequately supported by backrest?

☐ Are you sitting with your back slightly arched at a 90 degree angle while working?

☐ Do your feet touch the floor when seated, or otherwise fully supported by a footrest?

☐ When typing, are your forearms close to parallel with the floor?

☐ Are you taking enough breaks and moving around?

☐ Are you eating regularly and staying well hydrated?



☐ Are your files and data secure?

☐ Are your work materials and equipment in a secure place that can be protected from damage or misuse?

☐ Is there an exit that allows prompt exiting in the instance of fire or other emergency?

☐ Do you have an inventory of all equipment in the office including serial numbers when possible?

☐ Is your workspace free of trash, clutter and flammable liquids?

☐ Are all radiators and portable heaters located away from flammable items?


As always, our PMC Risk Management team is here to answer any questions you may have relative to risk management, telecommuting, claims and how they will be handled as more of our national workforce settles into working remotely. For more information contact our Risk Management Specialist, Dave Brewer at or (781)365-1705.