Workers’ Compensation Q&A

Worker’s compensation in MA can be a little confusing, here are some commonly asked questions and answers. Workers’ comp is made to compensate works for injuries and illnesses that arise in the workplace. But sometimes the contracts can be so long it makes people’s head spin, and they give up reading them, leaving them with many Read More

What Injuries Are NOT Covered by Workers’ Comp?

Workers’ compensation in MA is supposed to cover employees’ injuries, but there are some which are not covered by this kind of insurance. It is the state law that governs a company’s workers’ compensation in MA model, thus, which injuries are and aren’t covered by workers’ compensation differs from state to state. Typically, an injury that Read More

Listen Up! Here Are Some Awesome Health Benefits of Music.

If you thought pumping up the jams was helpful, you’re right! Check out these health benefits of music. It shouldn’t be surprising to learn that there are health benefits of music. Anyone who has felt sad and tired, only to find that their favorite song turned the day around, knows the power of music. But Read More

3 Resources to Help Your Independent Insurance Agency Go Green

Is your independent insurance agency ready to go green? These three resources can help! In 2016, there’s no excuse not to think about the environmental impact of your independent insurance agency. We know enough about the serious effect we’re having on the environment to prove that we need to care about what our companies are Read More

Business Plans, Staffing, & Workers’ Compensation for Home Healthcare Organizations

Have a client starting an in-home care business? It’s important to think about business plans, staffing, and workers’ compensation for home healthcare services. As Americans live longer and longer, there’s a greater need for people to help us keep our golden years golden. Providing in-home services helps seniors enjoy the life they know with the Read More

Small Business Owners: Check Out These Chrome Extensions

Between these Google Chrome Extensions and the right small business insurance in MA, you can give your accounts tools to thrive. If you sell small business insurance in MA, you know that each of your clients’ insurance needs are as unique as the businesses they own. It can be tough, then, to dig out resources Read More

Temporary Employees Offer Benefits with Workers’ Compensation Insurance for Staffing Agencies

Workers’ compensation insurance for staffing agencies can help them pitch these benefits of hiring temporary employees. Your temporary staffing clients have a tough task. They have to convince potential clients that the pros of hiring a temporary employee outweigh the cons, and one of the biggest cons out there are risks. Fortunately, you can make Read More

The Summer Isn’t Over Yet! Keep These Sun Safety Tips in Mind.

If you plan to head out into the sun while the days are still long, don’t ignore these sun safety tips.   Although we’re over halfway through August, it’s not time to put away the sunscreen just yet! In California, we get summer well into September. That’s great news for your pool plans, but it Read More