Home Insurance

Home Insurance

With You in Mind

Homeownership comes with its own responsibilities. Our home insurance policy at LSI covers damages or loss due to fire, rainstorms, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. It also includes damages or loss to home contents due to burglary, theft, power surges, and disasters. We’ll get to know you and your home to write a policy that is best for you.

Types of Home Insurance Coverage

Protects your property from damages and destruction to your residence. Depending on your policy, your property may be protected from hurricanes and vandalism.

Secures your valuables from loss or theft. From meaningful heirlooms to antiques or collectibles, get them assessed, and ensure that your valuable property is kept safe with a policy that is best for you. Take an inventory to determine your coverage limit and insure at the cost of replacement.

Cover the costs of accident, injury or property damage caused by yourself, a member of your family or your pet. Depending on the coverage, personal liability may cover the cost up to your liability limits. For more peace of mind, consider an umbrella policy to protect your personal property with over $1 million more in liability.

Plan for the unexpected when you are unable to live in your home due to repairs or unexpected damages. Added living costs may cover the cost of alternative living arrangements while your home is uninhabitable.

Assess the accurate value of your home if you were to build it from scratch and insure it. The selling price of your home is not a good replacement value.