Life Insurance

Health Insurance

Secure the Future of Your Heritage

Protect your dependents and family, even after you’ve passed. Whether you prefer a term or a whole life insurance plan, LSI will make sure your promises are fulfilled for those you leave behind.

Our life insurance plans may take up the responsibility of family or persons dependent on your finances when you pass away. Although this may vary with your age and responsibility, it is a smart financial planning as it ensures dependents do not incur debts when you die. They could keep assets instead of selling to service debts.
No matter what your situation, our agents will get to know you and write a policy fit for your needs.

Incurred Expenses

You may consider your medical expenses prior to death, burial costs and estate taxes. These could burden your dependents.


This includes support in the time your dependents try to secure employment. This gives them a strong footing.

Bills to Pay

If the monthly expenses, daycare costs, and college tuition continue, bills to pay are to be considered.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions before You Purchase

  • How much of the family income do I provide?
  • If I were to die, how would my survivors, especially my children, get by?
  • Does anyone else depend on me financially, such as a parent, grandparent, brother or sister?
  • Do I have children for whom I would like to set aside money to finish their education in the event of my death?
  • How will my family pay final expenses and repay debts after my death?
  • Do I have family members or organizations to whom I would like to leave money?
  • Will there be estate taxes to pay after my death?
  • How will inflation affect future needs?