What Is the Difference Between a Farm and a Ranch?

There are plenty of similarities between a farm and a ranch. The terms can be used interchangeably sometimes. Both plots of land are usually more significant than a normal home and are designed for commercial purposes. Here’s a look at the differences between a farm and a ranch so you can avoid getting mixed up when buying commercial insurance.

What Is a Farm?

It’s essential first to understand that some ranches can be considered farms, just as some farms can’t be considered ranches. A farm and a ranch may raise livestock and grow crops. Farms can be diversified with an emphasis on agriculture but are often specialized for a specific crop or group of commodities. A farm may also be home to horses and chickens. Part of the operation may be to produce dairy products.

What Is a Ranch?

A ranch is often more significant than a farm to raise livestock. A ranch can also be an auction site for buying and selling cattle. That’s often its primary function. Since animals are more the focus than crops, being a rancher involves maintaining the safe property for animals and humans. It also involves environmental practices such as studying the soil to maximize growing grass for livestock to eat.

What’s the Difference Between a Farm and a Ranch?

While a ranch and farm require plenty of work to maintain the property value, ranches tend to occupy more land. Vast amounts of land allow cattle to wander in open spaces. While ranches are designed for raising cattle, farms are structured to facilitate agricultural activities.

A farm will likely specialize these activities within an acre, with additional acres devoted to other specialties. Every square inch of a farming field can be used for growing crops, whereas a ranch doesn’t necessarily equate space with commercial output.

Data On the Number of U.S. Farms

Today there are over 2 million farms in the United States, many of which are family-owned. These farms feed not just millions of Americans but people in other nations as well. Nearly a third of food grown domestically is exported—the U.S. exports over $100 billion of agricultural products yearly. Most commercial farmers carry liability insurance to protect against legal actions resulting from farming activities.

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