Will My Homeowners Insurance Cover the Costs of a Locksmith?

Most people don’t think about needing a locksmith someday, but clearly, it’s a business that still serves millions of customers. You might wonder if your homeowners insurance covers a locksmith if you ever get locked out of your home or need to change locks. The answer is maybe, as it depends on your insurer and the policy they provide.

Your standard homeowners insurance policy may cover a locksmith, but that’s not generally the case. The coverage is usually very limited and typically involves a covered peril such as a fire or storm. A locksmith may charge anywhere between a hundred to several hundred dollars. Your insurer may reimburse you for some of it, especially if you have not filed previous claims.

If your homeowners insurance covers locksmith costs, how much will you have to pay out of pocket?

Since locksmiths can be expensive, it’s worth finding out if there are any affordable ones in your area. A homeowners insurance policy rarely provides complete coverage for a locksmith. A lock can cost $100 to $250 to replace, so chances are you won’t see much of a reimbursement. Some companies may offer locksmith-related services at low prices, but it’s important first to research them and make sure they are committed to their craft.

How does homeowners insurance cover locksmith-related services?

Locksmiths offer lock and key services, which can involve breaking down locked doors or replacing locks and keys. It’s possible to lose access to all your home keys at some point if you have not established a strategic plan for dealing with lost keys. Some people keep a backup key hidden somewhere on their property. Others never imagine losing their keys, so they have no backup plan when their keys disappear.

Your standard homeowners insurance policy may not mention locksmiths at all but may still offer coverage for events in which damage calls for the services of a locksmith. If the damage results from a covered peril, there’s a better chance it’s covered.

When will a home insurance policy cover locksmith costs?

Under certain conditions, your standard homeowners insurance policy might pay for some of the locksmith expenses.

  • If your keys are stolen, you can probably get partial coverage.
  • You might also get coverage if a vandal damages your lock, which requires the services of a locksmith.
  • Even if your keys are worn out, or the lock is old and no longer functions properly, there’s a chance your policy will cover some of the expenses involving locksmith-related services.

There are other ways doors and windows can get damaged that require professional help from a locksmith. The best way to find out exactly what your policy covers is to talk with an insurance agent who can answer your questions about it. Ask about your coverage options and if special discounts are available, such as for being a loyal customer.

Other Things to Consider

Getting locked out of your car can happen when you misplace your keys and forget where the backup key is. Your vehicle’s roadside assistance coverage can pay for such locksmith-related services. Making copies of keys is fairly inexpensive, so it isn’t worth filing a claim.

Keep in mind that the more claims you file, the more it can raise your homeowners insurance rates. You need to figure out what works best for your needs. An alternative to getting locksmith coverage is to create your own emergency fund that pays for incidents such as getting locked out.

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