The Best Home Insurance Choices in Columbus, Ohio

The comparatively lower cost of home insurance in Columbus makes the city one of the best locations to own residential property in Ohio. Since premiums costs, product range, and service quality still vary by insurer, it’s always best to research the market and compare providers before purchasing.

Top 4 Home Insurance Companies in Columbus

Here are the best-rated homeowners insurance companies based on coverage options, premium rates, and customer satisfaction:

  • Grange Insurance (Average Annual Premiums of $1,441)
    This regional insurer offers exclusive discounts such as DIY home inspections and a wider range of coverage options, including personal property protection for family members in a nursing home.
  • Erie (Average Annual Premiums $990)
    Erie stands out for its top customer service scoring and comprehensive protection offers, including multiple riders like water backup available. Customers who combine home and auto insurance may qualify for up to 25% discounts on premiums.
  • Buckeye State Mutual Insurance
    Buckeye State Mutual Insurance boasts a B+ (good) rating by AM Best. Its unique selling point is the lower annual premium rates, averaging $374 for $250,000 dwelling coverage.
  • Auto-Owners (Average Annual Premiums $ 942 for $250,000 Dwelling Coverage)
    Auto-Owners Insurance has one of the highest industry ratings (A++ by AM Best and 825/1,000 by J.D. Power). Its extensive homeowners insurance coverages include cyber, identity theft, and equipment breakdown, allowing for greater customization.

Affordable Home Insurance Providers in Columbus by ZIP Code

Erie dominates the list of the most affordable homeowners insurance companies across Columbus. Its average premium rates by ZIP code include:

  • 43004: $870
  • 43110: $977
  • 43119: $966
  • 43137: $945

ZIP Codes with the Lowest Costs for Homeowners Insurance in Columbus

ZIP code 43235 has the lowest average premium rates for home insurance in Columbus at $1,362 annually. ZIP code 43212 has the second lowest cost at $1,430 a year.

ZIP Codes With the Highest Cost of Homeowners Insurance in Columbus

At $1,662 a year, ZIP code 43205 has the highest average premium rates for home insurance in Columbus. ZIP code 43137 is the second most expensive location at $1,631 annually.

Cost of Home Insurance in Columbus by Coverage Limits

The more your coverage amount is, the higher the cost of home insurance will be. For a dwelling coverage limit of $100,000 a year, the average cost is $840, while a $500,000 policy costs $2,264 annually.

Home Insurance Discounts in Columbus, Ohio

On average, installing a burglar alarm in your home might save you up to 3% in home insurance premiums. Smoke alarms may attract a 0.4% discount, while deadbolts may earn you a 0.1% cost reduction.

Home Insurance Premiums in Columbus by Deductible

You’ll pay the deductible out of pocket each time you file a valid homeowners insurance claim. In Columbus, you can reduce your coverage costs by about $175 by increasing your deductible from $500 to $2,000.

Auto-Owners Home Insurance Premium Rates

Auto-Owners customers pay an average of $1,049 for $250,000 in home insurance dwelling coverage. Nationwide, homeowners pay $379 more for the same coverage.

How Can I Buy Home Insurance in Columbus?

To buy personalized homeowners insurance in Columbus, consult an insurance agent at Leland Smith Insurance. We can help you compare multiple quotes from various carriers and choose the right coverage for your unique needs.

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