Will Your Car Insurance Cover Theft? Here’s What You Need to Know

What happens when someone breaks into your car and steals personal belongings? Does your car insurance policy cover the cost of replacing the items? Even worse, what happens when someone steals your car? Will you have to pay for the resulting losses out of pocket? Well, it all depends on what the specific policy says.

In this article, we have compiled answers to common questions about insurance and car theft. Read on to learn more.

  1. Does car insurance cover theft?

  2. The short answer is yes, but it depends on what the policy says. For instance, the policy may exclude situations where the theft was facilitated by the negligence of the car owner (say, leaving the car unattended while buying groceries).

  3. Does car insurance cover vandalism?

  4. Vandalism is a coverage area you’ll need to inquire about when discussing your needs with your insurer. Not all auto insurance policies cover vandalism. If you have a fancy new car, you will likely need special coverage against vandalism.

  5. What happens if your car gets stolen?

  6. If your car gets stolen, you must file a police report and contact your insurer as soon as possible.

  7. What happens when your car is broken into?

  8. Take several photos of the scene when you first notice someone has broken into your car. Then make a list of missing items and report them to the police and your insurance company.

  9. How can insurance help in case your car is stolen?

  10. There are three main types of auto insurance plans that cover theft: comprehensive, custom parts, and gap insurance. A comprehensive plan costs more than a general liability plan but provides extensive coverage.

  11. What coverages will not pay for a car theft claim?

    • Liability insurance
    • Collision insurance
    • Uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage
  12. Does auto insurance cover the theft of personal items from your car?

  13. Personal items typically must be listed on a policy to be covered for theft.

  14. Does car insurance cover the theft of car parts?

  15. A comprehensive auto insurance policy will most likely cover stolen parts. Other types of auto insurance policies may not provide coverage.

  16. Does car insurance cover theft of catalytic converter?

  17. A catalytic converter is a major component of the emissions system. Because it’s an expensive part, it has attracted thieves who sell it to other thieves. Usually, only a comprehensive auto insurance plan covers a stolen catalytic converter.

  18. How much will my stolen car payout be?

  19. Various factors affect your cash payout after your vehicle is reported stolen. Depending on the policy, you will either be paid actual cash value minus the deductible or a counter-offer based on improvements you’ve made to the vehicle.

  20. What happens when your car is stolen and recovered?

  21. Once police recover the car, you will be notified and asked to identify the vehicle. You will then need to inform your insurer about the details.

  22. Who can get an anti-theft discount?

  23. If you invest in anti-theft devices installed on your vehicle, it’s possible to get an anti-theft discount from your insurance provider. Some discounts can be as much as 20 percent, but you need to ask your insurer about it.

  24. What are some ways to prevent car theft?

  25. They say, “prevention is better than cure.” The same principle applies to stolen cars. It’s better to keep your valuable vehicle protected than make it an object of theft. Here are some ways in which you can better protect your car from being stolen-

    • Always keep doors and windows locked.
    • Track your vehicle with a geo-tracking system.
    • Never leave your car unattended with keys in the ignition.

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